Back, back…and indeed back……

Well, we had a plan and we kept to it!
After 7 months of troublesome times, including 4 of being closed, we are proud to announce the WunderBar will be open once again to melt your ears and spill your drinks…………

Yes, we may look a little different, (a refurb never hurts) yes, we’ll have all the usual stuff going on, and yes, there will be new things to take in of course, but if you have any ideas or know of any band needing a gig, come on down, buy a pint (from our exciting new range) and tell us about it!?

We must thank everyone who has helped in the last few months, the new look is amazing, it took lots of late nights and splinters but if you want live rock, pop, punk, funk and roll of the highest order, Dj’s of ever expanding sounds, Poker nights, Stand Up Comedy, Jam Sessions, Pop Quizzes and evenings of as yet indeterminate entertainment you are most welcome to come and join us………….

We start all over again on Saturday 22nd November.

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Something’s happening….!!?

Hello….right…some news…..there will be a one off gig on Saturday 23rd August at the Wunder Bar, before we start a refurbishment project, where the mighty Montrose will fill your ears and also where, before hand, we will auction off any pictures and stuff that don’t fit into our plans!!

So come on down, have a couple of pints and take a last look around before….well, you’ll see, no doubt.
And may we apologize to any other band who may have been booked in over the summer, we WILL get round to you as soon and paint dryingly possible!!

Cheers then!!

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He’s not dead….he’s resting…….

Yep, it finally caught up with us.
The extra expense of our new licence has become too much to bear, so we’re taking some time out to reassess the business and see what we can come up with!
We will be closed for the foreseeable, but not become forgettable, we hope.

None of this should take away from the seriousness of the events that happened last December in our garden, and we accept we dropped the ball in being aware of what was going on, AND we have cooperated with the Licensing Authorities and Police in every way they instructed since, but now we can do no more.

Thanks to those who have still popped in regularly over the last three months, it helped more than any words sent to anyone could have, and we are extremely sorry it’s has come down to this.

So keep a look out, you never know……..

Cheers. The Management.

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Well, we’re still here……..come and have a pint!

Ok, the music returns. As July moves on so we’ll get back into being the hottest rock n roll venue in the Manor!
Football and the Licensing issues clouded things for a while but we’re still standing, if a little battered and torn.

Note to any new local bands who write their own stuff and want a gig…..give us a shout!!


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A big Thank You…….

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent representations to the Council about the Bar and what it is, stands for, and indeed….does !!They took on board all of your feelings and it helped so much in keeping us open at the hearing last week.
Also cheers to everyone who pops in and has a drink, that’s what will really keep us going. However, we have some way to go to adjust to the new costs of the added security but if you keep coming in, we’ll keep on being here!

Thank you one and all.

Wunder Bar Management and staff.

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Times They Are a Changing…

Well Well…


We are calling on everyone to embrace the changes our little town is currently going through with all the community spirit that we pride ourselves on. We have been overwhelmed by all the messages of support and love that have come in over the last few days.

So whats changed??? Well, smile on your way in as we’ve got new swanky cameras (we’re a bit behind the times really, turns out everyone’s got them!)

And we’re gonna have new friend on the door for you all to say hello to on your way in, they will ask to see you ID’s if your lucky enough to look young enough (no-one ever asks Lucy anymore..) and they will search people.Please don’t be offended

For now, we’ll be open Thurs-Sun and poker has moved to every other Sunday, starting this week

So bring nothing but beer money and good intentions
(and a hot date if you have one)



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Add Us On Facebook and Twitter!

Dont Forget you can add us on Facebook and Twitter to see whats going on and get involved!

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Wunderbar Comedy Night!!

Yep, thats right, after a long break the comedy night is making a come back, 5 acts strong and hosted by MC Rob C, featuring Rob Coleman, Robin Cousins, Leanne McKie, Jack Horner and Iszi Lawrence…This should be a busy one!

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Month Of Fridays!!!!

We are so excited about this month long competition…Everything from Motown/ska/New Wave to Techno/drum and bass to Live Hip Hop to old skool Rave…Come and show your support for each night with smiles and good vibes…

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